If you are looking for either commercial or residential house painters, then you are going to need some assurances before you make a final decision as to who you should work with. The most important of which, is reputation.
When choosing a commercial or residential house painter, you want to work with a company that has an established reputation and is recognised for delivering excellence. This will give you the peace of mind that you need in order to make a commitment and invite a company either into your home or establishment.
Of course, it’s not just about reputation though. A commercial and residential house painter might have the best reputation in the world, but without great value for money, you are wasting your time.
Finding a company that is both reputable and affordable is no simple task, but with some patience and a little bit of research, you shouldn’t have too many problems.
In any case, if you want to hire commercial and residential house painters that offer excellent value for money and have a solid reputation, then you have certainly arrive at the right place.

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Professional Painters

At Platinum 3 Painting, we take great pride in our professionalism. When it comes to commercial and residential house painting, we settle for nothing short of perfection. In fact, in the painting and decorating game, there really is no room for anything less!

There is certainly no shortage of painters, so take your time, do your research, and see if you can find the ideal fit for you and your needs.

Hawthorne Commercial Painting Services

If you are looking for commercial painters to assist you with decorating your customer-facing commercial establishment, then we would be delighted to assist you. Not only are we well-versed in colour psychology, but our painters have an exceptional attention to detail so the finished product always exceeds expectation!

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Custom Commercial Painting Services Hawthorne

We understand that when it comes to the face of your business, first impressions are paramount. This is why we ensure that we deliver not only the highest quality finishes but also offer custom paint finishes so that your customers will be blown away by the new transformation.



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Residential House Painters Hawthorne

Are you looking for house painters? Then you’ll want to find a company that you can rely on. When inviting someone into your home, you need to feel comfortable. At Platinum 3 Painting, we take pride in our professional approach to what we do.

Our residential painters as kind, courteous, and respectful. We will come into your home with as little disruption to your day to day as is possible. We will work quickly, efficiently, and leave no mess behind when we are finished.

Simply put, we do precisely what is asked of us, exceed expectations, complete our duties to the highest standard, and then move on. If you want a hassle free experience delivered by a team of courteous and friendly professionals, then you really needn’t look any further than Platinum3Painting.

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