Are you looking for either commercial or residential house painters in the Hamilton area? If so, then we might just be able to help you out. You see, at Platinum 3 Painting, we have a well-established reputation for delivering the finest painting services throughout Hamilton and beyond.

How We Can Help You

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Why People Choose P3P

  • 10 Year Product Guarantee
  • 5 Year Workmanship Guarantee
  • Dulux Accredited
  • Trade Qualified Professional Painters
  • 17 Years Servicing Brisbane & SE Qld

Professional Painters in Hamilton

At Platinum 3 Painting, we understand that when hiring a painter, whether that be for a commercial project or for a residential house, you want a professional service and a flawless finish. And that’s not asking much.

Anybody can pick up a paintbrush. However, with almost two decades of experience, the level of work that our professional painters in Hamilton deliver on a daily basis, takes watching paint dry from soul-destroying to awe-inspiring. In other words, we pay attention to detail and our customers love the work that we do.

Sure, it can be fun to DIY it instead and tackle the house painting by yourself (take it from those who do it for a living); but, if you are genuinely looking for an exceptional paint-job with zero cost to your valuable time, then hiring a house painter to assist you is our recommendation.

The fact is, we love what we do. When you are in the business of painting commercial buildings and people’s homes, it isn’t something that you can do in half-measures. You have to deliver and maintain a consistent level of professionalism to succeed. We painters thrive at this level of competitiveness. It’s either exceptional or not.

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Commercial Painting Services in Hamilton

As a business owner, selecting the right commercial painting service is a big decision, a complicated decision in fact. You not only need to find a company with a proven record of quality artisanship, but you also need find one that you can afford.

Flexibility on the other hand, is arguably the most important of all. You see, painting a commercial building is time-consuming. It’s not something that you can throw up overnight. As such, working with a commercial painting service in Hamilton that can work after hours and over weekends is an incredible bonus. This means as little disruption to your day to day business operations as possible (and something that we at Platinum 3 Painters respect).

As established commercial painters in Hamilton, our designers can even assist you in decor tips, colour psychology, and a wide selection of stylish finishes.

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Why use the professionals to apply your desired decorative finish?

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    There is an art to it & every application is different

  • icons8-rent

    There is a science to the products & experience plays a role in the outcome

  • icons8-interior

    Any surface is a canvas but only the professionals know the how-to’s

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    Your vision & our creativity can create truly unique finishes

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    Accredited application training & manufacturer warranty are essential

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    Quality products & preparation will make it last

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    The only limit is budget & time

How We Work With You - The P3P Difference!

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    Our project manager work with you and understand your exact needs.

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    We structure your solution for precisely what your home requires.

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    Our trades expertly prepare, paint, and finish your work in a timely manner.

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    We develop a maintenance plan to ensure your coatings are always in the best condition for long lasting results.


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Residential House Painters Hamilton

Inviting the right residential house painter into your home is a big decision. And since house painters in Hamilton are easy to come by, you need to make sure that you select the right one. You need to feel comfortable in that your hired residential house painter is going to treat you and your personal space with respect.

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Our Specialties

Platinum 3 Painting specialise in artisan fresco, venetian plaster, decorative & reactive paint products such as rust walls. Either at home, office or your favourite restaurant here in South East Qld, we have you covered.

  • Retail outlets
  • Bars & restaurants
  • Architectural homes
  • Commercial offices
  • Exterior or interior surfaces
  • Floor, wall or ceilings
  • Furniture

17 Years Serving Brisbane Residents
High Customer Satisfaction
Workmanship is Guaranteed
QBCC Accredited

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At Platinum 3 Painting, we employ only the best. This means that your property and privacy will be treated with the utmost respect. In addition to that, we will take all of the necessary steps to ensure that the only place that our paint ends up is on the walls—and not making a mess of your beautiful home.

If you would like to know more about our professional painting services, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions that you might have on our commercial and residential painting services in Hamilton.